The basis for my passion

Real encounters with people worldwide have attracted me since childhood. To travel through unknown countries and continents without inhibition, and to make contact with their inhabitants, have always been my priorities. Those contacts with people in other parts of the world have taught me that the basic emotions of all people are the same. Unknown often leads to unloved. I have always been curious about the unknown. Establishing contact with people whose language I often do not speak has resulted in beautiful photos in which mutual respect is expressed and barriers disappear. You will find some selected photos from my large collection on this site.

In my opinion, open, interpersonal contact is always possible. It does not matter how different the circumstances and cultures are.

My travels have resulted in a special project, the collecting of discarded eye glasses in Western countries and distributing them to the most remote areas of the planet. Have a look at my FaceBook page brillen voor Zanskar(glasses for Zanskar). There you can see how something so simple can bring people from different cultures together.

Johan Michielsen, photographer