Would you like to order a print or make an appointment for a photo shoot?

You can!
I work via two channels for ordering prints.


For private German and French individuals I work through my webshop at Ohmyprints.comYou can order works of any size and material from small photo prints to wall-filling wallpaper. In my webshop you will find a fairly large collection of photos organized by category. You can easily search for photos within that webshop. If you download the Ohmyprints app, you can “project” a photo on a wall of your choice at your home or at your office. For example, with the app you can determine how the photo looks on your wall and what size is best.

Decide for yourself how big and on which material you want your photo printed!

In my webshop at Ohmyprints.com you will only find a selection of my photos. You can find my complete collection on my page AFFECT FOTOGRAFIE on Facebook.

If you are interested in a photo that is not in my webshop, let me know via the contact form and I will see what I can do for you.


Do you run your own business and want to buy larger print runs for sale?

In that case, the sale and settlement takes place via Mondiart BV in Eindhoven.

They produce, ship and take care of the settlement.

Interested? Please contact Mondiart via sales@MONDiART.com or fill in the contact form.

Make an appointment for a photo shoot

If you like the way I portray people on photo and would you like to be captured in a similar way yourself, let me know via the contact form and I’ll give you access to a series of sample poses. This way you can look around at your leisure for styles and poses, and we can incorporate any ideas you may have.

Below is the overview of photos in my webshop.

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